3.2.1 for Android

Transform your phone into a mobile payment receiving device



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iZettle is an easy to use app that allows the user to convert their phone or tablet into a mobile payment receiving device that can accept secure payments anytime.

To begin using the app it is necessary to first set up a user account. Once you have finished you can begin accepting payments. To create a personal account you must be over the age of 18 and have a Facebook page. To set up a business account you must first pass a credit check.

After completing these steps you will receive the card reader, which will allow you to accept payments instantly. You can also make transactions without using the card reader by manually entering the information on the card.

iZettle is just as safe as any other payment receiving device. It is EMV approved and PCI DSS compliant. All data is encrypted and no information is stored in the mobile device or card reader.

iZettle is a useful tool for small to medium-sized business owners who use Android devices and wish to have a fast and secure way of accepting card payments.
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